The Contemporary Jazz Pianist, by Bill Dobbins, vol. 1,2 & 3

A Comprehensive Approach to Keyboard Improvisation by Bill Dobbins. Available to YOUR open Sheet Music Library.
Volume 1 Chapter Contents: I. Diatonic Seventh Chords and Their Corresponding Modes II. Voicing the Five Basic Seventh Chord Types for the Left Hand III. Diatonic and Chromatic Embellishing Chords IV. Building a Chord Line for the Left Hand V. Basic Chord-Scale Relationships VI. Understanding Jazz Rhythm VII. Basic Principles of Accompaniment for the Left Hand VIII. Basic Principles of Harmonic Substitution IX. Diatonic Exercises X. Pentatonic Exercises XI. Diminished Exercises XII. Chromatic Exercises XIII. Melodic Embellishments XIV. Principles of Melodic Development XV. Special Effects XVI. Exercises for Beginning Improvisation XVII. Transcribed Solos XVIII. Tunes for Further Study Conclusion Appendices and Discography Volume 2 Chapter Contents: I. Preface II. Two-hand Voicings III. Building a Tow-hand Chord Line IV. Two-hand Embellishing Chords V. Technics for Melody Harmonization VI. Blues in Major Keys VII. Blues in Minor Keys VIII. Rhythm Changes IX. Popular Song Forms X. Contemporary Ballad Styles XI. Jazz-Rock Styles XII. Contemporary Jazz Forms XIII. Free Jazz XIV. Comping XV. Improvisation as Communication Conclusion Discography Volume 3 Chapter Contents: (Suggested listening follows each chapter) I. Stride Piano Styles: • Cantankerous Chromatics • Blues for Fats • Basie's Beat • Blood Brother II. Boogie Woogie Piano Basie's Boogie • Prickly Pete • Wobbly Waltz III. Gospel Piano Sanctified • I'm In His Hands • Holy Roller IV. Bebop Piano Styles A 624 • Red's Blues • "T" Time • The Thing • Yardbird Conversation V. Solo Ballad Styles For Art's Sake • Song for Bill Evans • Ballad VI. Harmonic Styles of • 1960's and 1970's Centrifuge • Waltz for Clare • Memories • Liberation VII. Latin and Ostinato • Styles of the 1970's Autumn Song • Winter Song • Spring Song • Summer Song VIII. Free Jazz Bent • Vortex • Mobile • Anticipation Conclusion Appendix I Solo Piano Recordings of Interest Published Solo Piano Jazz Music Appendix II Publihsed Solo Piano Jazz Music


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